Paw Prints In Heaven Crematory Services

Our pets live relatively short lives and at the end of their life, we grieve for the loss of a friend, a companion, a constant source of laughter, love and a furry bundle of joy.   There is no doubt that your cherished companion was as much a part of your family as any other member. Therefore, it makes sense that you would want a special farewell tribute to your four-legged friend.

The HSOTC provides the most thoughtful and comprehensive cremation services available right here in our own community through our Paw Prints in Heaven Crematory. Supplying this service helps to complete a beloved animal’s Circle of Life where pets who have lost their lives, in turn, give life a second chance for our homeless shelter pets through the use of this service.  We have both private and communal crematory services available.

For additional information please contact us at 209-984-5489.

Private Cremations

Weight Pricing
3 lbs & Under $140.00
4 – 19 lbs $190.00
20 – 35 lbs $220.00
36 – 51 lbs $250.00
52 – 67 lbs $280.00
68 – 83 lbs $310.00
84 – 99 lbs $340.00
100 – 115 lbs $370.00
116 – 131 lbs $395.00
132 lbs & over $450.00

Communal Cremations

Weight Pricing
10 lbs and under $50.00
11 – 35 lbs $70.00
36 – 50 lbs $110.00
51 – 100 lbs $150.00
101 lbs and over $1.50 per pound

In Loving Memory Pet Memorial Garden

The HSOTC’s In Loving Memory garden is a special resting place for our loyal animals.  Protected under a canopy of old oak trees, the garden features memorial benches and includes special areas for the spreading of our crematorium communal ashes.  An entry arbor guides visitors into the garden along pathways surrounding by a parameter fence.  Please feel free to visit the memorial garden during normal business hours or for more information call 209-984-5489.