HSOTC Update

Introducing Dog Day Out!

Sometimes a dog just needs a day, an afternoon, or an hour away from the shelter to
decompress and experience a change in sights and sounds. We know not everyone can
foster long term or commit to adoption, but if you have a day off, we’d love to have you
take a dog out for a field trip!

What is Dog Day Out? This is for volunteers to take a dog for a hike, to the park, a car
ride for a pup-appuccino, or even some down time at your home. The goal is to give the
dogs a break from animal shelter life and help them be seen by the public.

Who can participate in Dog Day Out? Any volunteer can join in on the fun. We’ll match
you with a dog that could use a day out and provide supplies. If you aren’t a volunteer yet,
signing up is easy and we can show you how. Just get in touch and we’ll get you started!

When can you sign up for Dog Day Out? This program is open to volunteers during our
regular business hours: Tuesdays-Saturdays 9:30am to 3:00pm

Where do I go to get started? Give us a call or come down to the shelter at 10040
Victoria Way, Jamestown, CA 95327 during business hours, and we’ll be happy to help!

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