HSOTC Update

You Can Fundraise While Walking Your Dog!

woman with dogIf You Love Walking Your Dog, You Can Fundraise for Your Favorite Cause! 

That’s right!  You can support the HSOTC simply by walking your dog when you use the Wooftrax app!  It’s easy to download and can be used each and every time you grab for the leash!  There’s other benefits as well…it’s healthy for you, it’s healthy for your dog, and you can support your favorite cause…the HSOTC…all by simply walking!

It’s easy, simply go to the Wooftrax site and then click “Get the App” at the top of the page.  Install the free Android or iPhone app and start taking your dog for a walk every day.  Help us spread the word by telling a friend, family member or neighbor, as the more people walking for our shelter, the more we receive to help us continue to help our animals!

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